My blue haired self looking as unamused as ever.

So why A Mildly Offensive Blog? I have written and rewritten this so many times over the last few years. Some iterations sounded pretentious, others apologetic. Ultimately, why anything though?

Does the world need another blog? Do I owe it to the world to make this something extra incredible to make up for it bothering to exist? Like oh shit another human with a “unique opinion”, god I bet they even know their MBTI (INTJ, thank you very much).

Really this exists because it can. Because I think as humans we all feel the need to put ourselves out into the world in some manner and as an introvert I choose to do that from the comfort of my living room so I don’t have to have any genuine human interaction with you people. I kid, obviously, sort of.

No honestly it’s because statistically speaking I do in fact have a fairly unique outlook and experience. By default having a personality type that represents roughly 2% of the population and 0.8% of the female population will do that. You can scoff, go ahead, I would too.

This will be a blog pertaining mostly to homesteading, foraging, and permaculture, but I felt you needed to understand the angle I’m coming from. It’s not like I’m looking to offend people but ask any female INTJ (if you can find one), we have a knack for accidentally being offensive when simply being ourselves.